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Was This Home Overimproved or Underimproved?

Cleveland Appraisal 1/19 5:00A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Have you heard of a property being overimproved, or super adequate? How about underimproved? Unless you’re in the property valuation profession, you may not have. What do these things indicate? The...

All the Tips You Need to Make Moving to a New State Much Easier

Cleveland Appraisal 1/12 2:40P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Are you planning on moving to a new state? There s so much to think about. Employment, the cost of the move, buying a home, and many other things. This week, I welcome a new guest blogger, Ryan...

What to Expect Undertaking These 4 Common Home Projects

Cleveland Appraisal 12/24 2:37A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Are you planning on renovating your home? What kinds of things can you expect? This week I welcome back guest blogger, Shirley Martin, who answers these questions in this article. I hope you enjoy it!...

Surprising Things That Can Decrease Property Value

Cleveland Appraisal 12/10 9:30A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Hello dear reader! I m so sorry for the weeks I missed posting articles last month. There was a death in my family which has been difficult to work thru. While I get things going again, I have a...

Six Essential Steps to Commercial Real Estate Success

Cleveland Appraisal 11/14 1:31P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Are you interested in getting into the world of commercial real estate? This week I welcome back guest blogger June Duncan, who shares some things to think about if this is an area that you are...

Attracting More Appraisal Business

Cleveland Appraisal 11/3 2:50P Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Most appraisers are experiencing a significant slowdown in mortgage lending work due to rapidly increasing mortgage rates which are slowing down the housing market. I have seen a slowdown in my...

7 Ways to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

Cleveland Appraisal 10/27 1:08A Cleveland Appraisal Blog
Are you anticipating having your home appraised? How can you prepare for the inspection? This week I welcome back guest blogger, Betty White, who shares her thoughts on ways to prepare. While she is...
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